5th Egg Quality and Hen Welfare Summit

November 2nd, 2023 Shanghai Conrad Hotel (Shanghai city, Minhang district, Shenhong Road, No. 333)

We are honoured to invite you to the annual “5th Egg Quality and Hen Welfare (China) Summit” occurring on November 2, 2023, at the Shanghai Conrad Hotel. The theme for this years’ conference is “Confidence, Collaboration, and Development”. We are excited to provide this platform for stakeholders across the egg industry chain to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and build connections.

In today’s saturated egg supply market, upgrading and differentiating egg products have become a critical trend. Globally, over 2,000 companies have committed to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs by 2025, of which over 150 companies also made this commitment in China. This growing demand for cage-free eggs provides unprecedented opportunities for us!

The “Egg Summit” is an excellent opportunity for key stakeholders to network, especially between international egg buyers and cage-free egg producers. This conference will bring together numerous experts and scholars, facilitating producers and buyers to jointly explore cutting-edge technologies and best practices for cage-free systems. Together, we will promote healthy and rapid development of egg quality and hen welfare in China.

Free attendance for egg buyers and producers, 800 RMB/person for all other members


  • Group Standard certification ceremony

  • Domestic industry information and international perspective

    • Prospects for welfare egg development in China
      Prof. Baoming Li, China national system scientist for laying hens, China Agricultural University professor
    • Quality and welfare products leading new opportunities in the retail market
      Dong Chu, CCFA
    • Egg safety risk and control
      Mark Williams, British Egg Industry Council
    • How welfare eggs built confidence in the European market
      Dietmar Tepe, KAT Association General Manager
    • Good practice of cage-free egg sourcing strategy of Marriott China
      Jeff Wang, Marriott international senior director procurement, Greater Chin
    • Panel discussion: challenges of driving the transition to cage-free eggs
      Yinan Zhang, Sustainability leader at IKEA (food category protein-based and category plant-based)
      George Ji, Senior director of procurement, Accor China
      Mutzu Huang, Project manager at Lever China
  • Production practices focused on egg quality and hen welfare

    • Good practices for cage-free eggs in China
      Pei Zhang, Deputy secretary general of ICCAW
    • Novel cage-free rearing model driven by technology
      Murilo Henrique Quintiliano, Director Executive of FAI Farms Brazil
    • Using modern equipment to improve the competitiveness of cage-free eggs
      Philipp Prang, Sales director of Big Dutchman China
    • Cage-free eggs are not just cage free
      Taixin Han, OVODAN vice president
    • A technical brief on the global development of cage-free laying hen systems
      Siyao, Shi, CIWF China research officer
    • Integrity program of cage-free egg certification
      Dr. Dekun Li, Intertek certification responsible person
    • Latest progress of cage-free egg development in China
      Dr. Congcong Li, IQC Animal welfare scientist
    • Panel discussion: good practices of cage-free eggs
      Weisheng Wang, CEO of Happy Egg
      Minjie Hu, CEO of Sichuan Xinde
      Lei Guo, Director and Chairman assistant of Xiaoming Gufen



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