ABX-Monitor For Poultry

A proven tool to record, report and understand
antibiotic use in your global chicken supply chain

Accurate recording of volume and type of antibiotic use

Robust disclosure to your investors and stakeholders

Transparency of practice in your global supply chain

Monitor progress against your policy and commitments

Regulation and consumers are moving fast on antibiotics. Food companies can’t afford to stand still.

Sophie Deleuze, Senior ESG Analyst, Engagement Specialist, CANDRIAM, with USD 143bn of assets under supervision.


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is amongst the most significant health threats facing human society.

Animal agriculture is the largest consumer of antibiotics globally, contributing to the emergence of resistant pathogens.

Citizens and investors expect food companies to play their part in combating AMR in their supply chains.

The FAI ABX-Monitor helps you take control of your antibiotic use and become part of the solution.


of companies ranked by FAIRR's 2020 Protein Producer Index rank as ‘high risk’ for antibiotic stewardship.


FAI's multi-disciplinary team has designed an innovative tool that allows you to efficiently and accurately collect, monitor and report antibiotic use across your global supply chain.

The data is refined and presented to you in a clean and intuitive dashboard that can be tailored to your needs.

We provide the hands-on support and training to ensure the quality and integrity of the data reported by your suppliers.

You retain ownership of all your data, which we store on secure servers powered by clean energy.


FAI’s team of experts also offer tailored advice and programmes to improve your company performance across the following areas:

  • Training of staff and suppliers

  • Policy and governance framework

  • Influencing purchasing

  • Improvement programmes with suppliers and on farm


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