Our Impact


What we mean by critical issues?

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is amongst the most significant health threats facing human society.

Animal agriculture is the largest consumer of antibiotics globally, contributing to the emergence of resistant pathogens.

Citizens and investors expect food companies to play their part in combating AMR in their supply chains.

Measuring Impact

The supplier engagement around antimicrobials that we provide is delivering marked reductions in antibiotic use for our customers.

It also allows for public and investor reporting on progress toward phasing out use of antibiotics deemed critical for human health. Finally, the data enables real-time targeted action for supplier improvements.

stewardship in
the food chain

It starts with you

The essential course for people in the global food industry to learn how they can help mitigate the risks of emerging Antimicrobial Resistance.

A change in industry knowledge, policy and practice is critical to support public health, animal welfare and long-term value creation.

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