Training: Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Food Chain

This interactive online course is the essential tool for professionals working in the global food industry. Learn how to mitigate the risks of emerging antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how to practically apply these principles in your role to support public health and animal welfare.

Learn how antibiotics work and how they are categorised, how resistant bacteria emerge and spread, how to measure medicine usage in food-producing species, and how to act as an agent of change.

This course is aimed at retailers, food service businesses, suppliers, processors and farming integrations.

These are excellent resources that will help to elevate the level of understanding and appreciation of this complex topic within the food supply chain globally. The end result should be that food businesses are able to develop sensible, effective policies on antibiotic stewardship that never compromise animal health and welfare or food safety

According to RUMA

Course Content

  • How antibiotics work and how they are categorised

  • How resistant bacteria emerge and spread

  • Measurement of medicine usage in food-producing species

  • Animal welfare dimensions of antibiotic resistance

  • How you can act as an ‘agent of change’

Features and Benefits

  • Relevant to antibiotic stewardship in all food animals, including terrestrial and aquatic species

  • Interactive tasks, videos, quizzes and assignments encourage greater depth of learning

  • Expert contributions from international leaders in the field from academia, research, industry and policy backgrounds

  • Includes additional interactive learning activities

  • A dedicated online forum for participants

  • Participants can study either face-to-face or via distance learning

This was absolutely amazing to do!!!
Learnt a lot and will keep on learning!

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