Helping producers make proactive, evidence-based management decisions to support whole supply chain improvement in bird welfare and productivity.

Designed to provide producers with increased visibility of their flock data to support proactive management decisions, BirdBox is an integrated hardware and software laying hen management system developed by FAI.


BirdBox’s in-shed system utilises state-of-the-art sensors and weigh cells installed on site to measure bird weight, water, electric and feed use in shed, enabling producers to track daily productivity in real-time.

Integrated controls allow automated operation of in-house lighting and feeding and the custom-built in-shed touch screen allows producers to digitally manage all flock book information.

BirdBox SensorPlus is wifi enabled to allow prompt and reliable back-up of all data accessible via E-Flockbook.


BirdBox’s web interface enables farmers to record key health, welfare and productivity measures to view flock level performance data against breed standards and historical flock data.

Through secure third-party invitation, producers can share key information with their veterinary providers to support rapid and remote diagnosis and ensure full traceability and review of antimicrobial use.

Intuitive tool built by farmers, for farmers

Proactive decision making enabled by in-shed SMS and e-mail alerts feature

Supports legal and audit records for compliance purposes

Secure, private and 100% renewable hosting

SmotherSense novel sensor development

BirdBox collation of data sources spanning the supply chain (including productivity, health, welfare, environmental, management, feed, genetics) has created a unique and expansive dataset for further understanding of laying hen research. FAI and the Lakes are collaborating with lead researchers in the field of ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR to develop further automated sensors targeted at monitoring and detecting flock BEHAVIOUR, including Smothering. The project aims to develop sensor technology to predict and prevent this industry-wide challenge of significant economic and welfare importance.