BirdBox supports The Lakes Free Range Egg Co.’s industry leading approach on animal welfare and environmental practice

The Lakes Free Range Egg Co. utilise Birdbox across its laying hen farm supply to ensure evidence-based management and best practice in welfare and production and environmental impact

With the installation of the BirdBox control and management system, we have moved away from the need to keep and report hard copy data. We now have consumption and performance date being automatically recorded and immediately synced with the ‘cloud’ to support real-time decision making. As a packer, information from all supplying farms is instantly visible. We’re able to use this information to work quickly with our producers to understand issues that arise and alter management to improve bird welfare and performance. This approach is highly compatible with our retail clients requiring high welfare outcomes for their farms and looking to establish a blockchain underpinning their supply.

<span style="color: #FFFFFF;">David Brass, Managing Director, The Lakes Free Range Egg Co.</span>

The BirdBox integrated sensor array and real-time alerts enable in-depth insight and early intervention to ensure positive productivity and welfare outcomes

Early on we noticed that feed was not running consistently during the feed period for our 16,000 free range layer shed. Through closer review of the data, we discovered an error an in-hopper sensor causing it to intermittently provide incorrect readings and fluctuations in the evenness of feed delivery. The BirdBox has given us visibility to rectify hidden challenges like this, preventing any potential downstream impacts to the birds and offsetting significant financial losses as a result.

<span style="color: #FFFFFF;">Roger Gill, Agriculture Manager, The Lakes Free Range Egg Co.</span>