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Demonstrate M&S's industry leadership on animal welfare.

FAI Insite.

Project overview

FAI Insite supports M&S to deliver their leading farm animal health and welfare and environmental approach.

FAI works in partnership with M&S to deliver an industry leading outcome measure programme that captures animal health and welfare and environmental metrics across M&S terrestrial and aquaculture species.

FAI’s outcome measures methodology ensures meaningful and practical supply chain data is securely captured, trended and tracked within FAI’s cloud-based system, FAI Insite. We provide bespoke analysis and reporting to deliver key insights for improvement into the data for M&S.

“A focus on outcomes is an effective way to move beyond standard supply chain assessment, assurance and certification. We are increasingly using this approach to better understand and act upon the issues faced in our supply chains and to deliver the increased food transparency that our customers demand.”

Steve McLean
Head of Agriculture and Fisheries Sourcing
Marks and Spencer

The benefits of an outcomes-based approach

Taking an outcome measure approach enables M&S to work alongside their suppliers to better understand risk areas and undertake improvement initiatives where they are most needed. The strength of this approach is to help mainstream the management of welfare and environmental issues as part of the day-to-day activity of business through informed data collection.

M&S leadership in supply chain integrity

In the face of increasing citizen, regulatory and NGO scrutiny of animal production practices, this outcome measures approach has enabled increased transparency and brand integrity for M&S and has resulted in:

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