Driving Aquaculture Welfare Improvements

Project overview

With partners in Thailand, Brazil and China, we help educate and empower farmers to improve welfare and achieve better production outcomes in tilapia, shrimp and carp aquaculture.

Our work aims to translate the Five Domains Framework for animal welfare, encompassing nutrition, physical environment, health, and behaviour, into a practical approach, giving farmers access to the latest scientific welfare knowledge.

Our approach

The Five Domains Framework for animal welfare includes nutrition, physical environment, health and behaviour. Together, these 4 domains can be used to assess the ‘mental domain’ which captures the animal’s overall mental experience.

Our work aims to translate this framework in a practical way, giving farmers access to the latest scientific welfare knowledge.

Why care about aquaculture welfare?

Seafood production has quadrupled over the past half-century. The number of farmed aquatic animals is greater than any other species, with over 100 billion fish alive on farms globally at any time.

Fish and other aquatic animals such as shrimp are sentient beings with the ability to feel pain, fear, and stress.

Ensuring fish are raised and harvested using humane and sustainable practices helps to:

  • Protect important ecosystems

  • Improve food quality and safety

  • Reduce costs and increase profitability

    Welfare assessment app

    We have developed a free, easy-to-use Tilapia Welfare Assessment App for farmers' day-to-day use at any production stage.

    Production practices and performances are scored against welfare indicators: Environment, health, nutrition, and behaviour.

    eLearning: tilapia welfare

    Our series of free online courses provide guidance on how to implement welfare practices in tilapia farming from hatchery to slaughter, available in English, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese and Chinese.

    Publications, webinars & conferences

    Our team of aquatic welfare experts regularly publish articles, present at conferences and host online and on-farm workshops to help farmers assess and improve aquatic animal welfare.

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