FAI Insite

A proven tool for food companies to turn supply chain data into measurable impact.

People across the world want to know where and how their food is produced.
FAI Insite helps companies meet this market expectation.

Proven tool used by some of the largest global food supply chains

Meaningful data collection from individual animals, farms and whole supply

Expert analysis and reporting of key indicators across welfare, environmental impact and antibiotic usage

Secure, private and 100% renewable energy hosting

Through our purposeful approach to supply chain data, FAI Insite informs actions and strategies to manage risk, improve and secure supply, and enhance customer loyalty.

FAI Insite allows the capture meaningful data from individual farms and animals across whole supply chains, enabling companies to report and drive measurable improvement across key sustainability metrics in animal welfare, environmental footprint and antibiotic usage.

Standardised protocols are developed to ensure that data can be compared and benchmarked across producers, suppliers, productions standards and regions.

FAI Insite ensures the quality and integrity of the data reported through automated system checks and expert review.

Our experts interpret and analyse the data providing unique insight and tailored advice to inform food companies in embarking on their sustainability journey on both continuous improvement and system change.


Case Study

Delivering on M&S’s outcome measures commitments with FAI Insite.



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