Our Approach

The 3Es

There is no recipe book for sustainability. It is not a simple standard or a tick-box. It is not a set path. It is defined with every step we take and redefined as we learn more. It is never something we have done or achieved, for its results are always in the future.

To help our clients address the issues that matter and develop solutions for food production and sourcing, we deploy the 3Es framework of Economic, Environmental and Ethical sustainability.

Our approach is anchored in practical, on the ground experience - from the farm gate to the Boardroom. We understand the challenges that food producers face and we identify the best, leading edge science to address those challenges. Putting the 3Es into practice provides direction for business to promote prosperous societies, successful farmers, healthy environments and quality food.

It just shows the importance of food production and how, as we have just heard, the economic, the environment and the ethics hang together. Not just as something that is attractive in a moral sense but in a very practical and business sense.

President Michael D. Higgins, Irish State visit to FAI Farms Oxford, April 2014