Jaboticabal: FAI do Brasil

FAI do Brasil operates a 420 acres (170 ha) farm near Jaboticabal in São Paulo State. The farm is divided into forest reserves, pastures and paddocks that are grazed by 120 beef cattle (Nelore and Angus breed) and 300 sheep. To help spur the Brazilian cage-free egg industry FAI do Brasil operates a 10.000 eggs per day operation. Under construction is also a “state of the art” Tilapia Hatchery to provide healthy and robust genetics to this fast growing industry.

The farm was previously home to a sugar cane factory with numerous buildings for offices, processing and housing. This has been transformed into a high standard research and training center with fully equipped classrooms, cattle handling facilities and more than 40 houses for onsite accommodation. This provides a perfect location to provide hands-on training in animal handling and food production systems within the 3E framework (economically viable, environmentally sound and ethically acceptable).



Our objective is to train farmers and inspire them to establish commercially viable farms using ethical and environmentally sustainable farming practices to produce food that appeal to Brazilian consumers.

Murilo H. Quintiliano

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