FAI Farms: Brazil

Alongside supporting Global FAI farms actions, in Brazil we also partnership with three farms with several different production expectations, but all with the same goals.

We mirror the approaches that we’re adopting on our FAI farms, in terms of building a regenerative system for animal health, welfare and the environment, and adapting these to local conditions.

Farmers are facing several challenges, including poor soil quality (low organic matter), low crop yields, limited antibiotic stewardship, ectoparasite problems, poor facilities and equipment, and a lack of future planning. These issues are leading to low production and increased incidence of disease and mortality.

By sharing our learnings and supporting other farmers, we are helping to roll-out and scale-up regenerative practices in Brazil.

We are applying our global knowledges in the local context. On beef, sheep, poultry and Tilapia Production.

Murilo H. Quintiliano

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