Consulting for food chain sustainability

What We Offer

Develop and implement business strategy based on understanding the economic, environmental and ethical issues affecting your business's practice, impact and influence.

Going beyond commitments to deliver and measure real change. Creating trusted brands by helping our clients communicate the stories that matter.

Strategic insights, direction and partnerships.

Identify values and make them a measurable pursuit.

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Operations Director

Karl Williams - Operations Director


Principal Consultant

Øistein Thorsen - Principal Consultant

Meeting consumers’ growing demand for knowledge about how food is produced requires strategy and brand communication to be formed around clarity of purpose and evidence of impact. Companies are ultimately judged by what they do and how they do it. To project a safe, stable and rewarding future to shareholders, customers and employees, businesses must demonstrate the benefit and contribution they make to society as a whole.

Everyone’s opportunity is different. We take our partners through an evidence-based process to help articulate their purpose and deliver real changes throughout their supply chains, to their bottom line and in their customers’ lives.