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Farm Gate podcast focusses on practical solutions for climate and food security. The topics covered are relevant for everyone who eats, but is particularly intended for farmers, food chain professionals, and policy-makers. Every week or two our host ffinlo Costain will bring our listeners stories of the people and solutions that is shaping a regenerative future for food and agriculture.

Farm Gate is a co-production between Farmwel and FAI Farms, and you can subscribe to Farm Gate wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, and Google Podcasts.

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EPISODE 9, February 20th, 2020:

Let's help Dominic Cummings! Radical proposals for agricultural reform

Dominic Cummings, the UK Prime Minister's strategist-in-chief, has said that he wants to shake up Government. He wants to break the alleged stranglehold that the civil service has over policy development & delivery. He's asked for ideas - and we want to help.

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EPISODE 8, February 11th, 2020:

Regenerative farming - making the transition

FAI Farms runs a beef and sheep operation near Oxford, UK, which is currently undergoing a transition from an organic to a regenerative system. With baseline carbon and nature foot-printing in place, progress will be closely monitored. Input costs have already reduced, with livestock now wintering outside on grass. FAI anticipates increasing its herd/flock size while also becoming global warming neutral and boosting biodiversity. In documenting and showcasing the transition in progress, they hope to inspire other farmers and companies to join the regenerative agriculture movement.

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EPISODE 7, February 3rd, 2020:

Farming & Mental Illness

On this week's episode host ffinlo Costain talks to Graham Morgan MBE, about farming, mental health, and mental illness. A farming life is generally a good life but it can be demanding and stressful. It's hardly a surprise that farmers and rural workers can feel isolated, depressed, or unable to cope.

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EPISODE 5 & 6, January 28th, 2020:

How can farm vets contribute to sustainability?

This week we are launching two episodes asking the question 'How can farm vets contribute to sustainability?' The first episode is interview led, the second is a more free-flowing discussion, featuring three influential UK veterinarians. Veterinarians visit farms every day and can play a critical role in helping to advocate for genuine sustainability on farm - taking into account environmental, ethical and economic dimensions. The concept of OneHealth suggests good animal health is linked to good welfare, which may also go hand-in-hand with improved environmental performance. Looking beyond the farm vets' traditional role these two episodes suggest they can help farmers transition away from the most intensive farm production systems, keep global warming below two degrees centigrade, and re-build biodiversity.

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EPISODE 4, January 22nd, 2020:

Sustainable Monoculture?

In terms of land use today there are three things that really matter – high quality food production, climate change mitigation, and nature restoration. A great farm must do all three. In this episode of Farm Gate we are talking to a rock star of regenerative farming, a phenomenally successful sugar producer, an inventor, and philosopher. His sugar farm is a living proof that regenerative agriculture provides the blueprint for the global land use reform we all depend upon, and the transition we urgently need.

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EPISODE 3, January 22nd, 2020:

Conservatives and the Environment

With UK's imminent departure from the European Union on the 31st of January, Farm Gate sat down with the Conservative Environment Network to discuss their plans for how to tackle the connected challenges of agriculture, land use and climate change in a post Brexit era. We asked, what are the big opportunities arising from Brexit?

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EPISODE 2, January 14th, 2020:

Is Vegan a Dirty Word?

It seems pretty crazy that we've reached the stage where this question is asked - but with food becoming central to the war against global climate crisis people's personal choices about what they eat have become a major battle ground. Do you think you are a better person because you're a vegan; or because you only eat meat from grass fed livestock, or perhaps because you refuse to eat anything that's been produced further than 20 miles away? Or rather than judging each other's food choices, could we instead focus on what each parcel of land, and the landscape around it, could best produce in balance with nature?

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EPISODE 1, January 9th, 2020

Ruminant Methane, GWP* & Global Warming

In our very first episode we investigate the role of ruminant methane in global warming. Research by a global team of scientists based at the University of Oxford provides a new way of measuring the impacts of methane on global warming - a metric known as GWP*. Methane is a short-lived gas and its warming potential should be considered differently from carbon dioxide, a long-lived gas. GWP* allows farmers to accurately measure the impact of ruminant methane and suggests a path for how ongoing ruminant production can be compatible with ambitious climate targets seeking to limit further temperature increases.

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