The European Chicken Commitment and KFC

EPISODE 10, February 24th, 2020:

The European Chicken Commitment and KFC

Signatories to the NGO-backed European Chicken Commitment must move from standard intensive indoor production systems for rearing meat chickens, to more humane, extensive indoor systems by the 1st of January 2026. The Commitment has attracted widespread attention from broiler producers, and several major brands have already signed up - including KFC, Nestle, M&S and Unilever.

How will the Commitment improve the lives and deaths of chickens reared for meat? What are the practical implications of delivering the required standards, within the established time-frame?

In this programme ffinlo Costain talks to

Jenny Packwood, Director of Responsibility & Reputation for KFC UK & Ireland,
Annie Rayner and Kelly Watson, experts in broiler systems and behaviour, working at FAI Farms.

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