Regen: the next decade

EPISODE 91, March 31st, 2023:

Regen: the next decade

While regenerative agriculture itself isn't new, popular interest and the increasingly widespread deployment of regenerative principles, is a product of a global conversation that has taken place largely within the last decade. Despite that, regenerative farming has already become mainstream, with large businesses and corporations investing in research and embedding ambitious regenerative targets, and even government ministers urging producers to take up regenerative methods.

So what happens next - what does the next decade look like for regenerative agriculture?

ffinlo Costain is joined by ⁠Caroline Grindrod⁠, founder of ⁠⁠Roots of Nature⁠, ⁠⁠Sue Pritchard⁠, chief executive of the ⁠⁠Food, Farming and Countryside Commission⁠, and by ⁠Jonty Brunyee⁠, the Head of Farming and Food at ⁠⁠FarmED⁠.

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