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March 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

FAI Farms are part of the first cohort within the UK to become verified through Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verification

By Paige Hunt

FAI Farms are excited to announce that they are part of the first cohort in the UK to achieve the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) status by the Savory Institute. This verification acknowledges that FAI Farms is actively regenerating its land and surrounding ecosystem. By working with nature and adopting holistic principles, they are sequestering carbon, boosting biodiversity and soil health, and restoring water cycles whilst producing high-quality and nutrient-rich beef, lamb and eggs.

Field Aerial Shot

“Going through the EOV certification process has been a key step in better understanding our land and what we can do to improve our regenerative journey. Farming regeneratively has been a substantive transition for all of us at the farm. In the last year we have learnt how to observe our animals and land differently – especially our soils. We are growing more grass, keeping our soil covered is helping with flood and drought resilience and we are seeing more wildlife.” Clare Hill, Regenerative Agriculture Director at FAI Farms Ltd.

The EOV protocol is a science-based assessment of the improvements in a land’s overall health completed by Savory UK Hub experts. The on-farm assessment includes measures such as soil health, biodiversity and ecosystem function.

“Verifying the regeneration of land gives farmers information they need to improve management over time, and gives consumers confidence to support these producers. We are excited to see these verified products in the UK marketplace that meet people’s desire to know their purchase is supporting the shift to regenerative agriculture,” said Sheila Cooke, hub leader for 3LM, the UK Savory Network hub.

Now that FAI Farms are officially verified, they are able to sell under Savory’s Land to Market Scheme and use the Land to Market Verification Seal. This is not only a recognition of the great farming practices going on at FAI, but recognition of the beginning of a much longer journey in continuing to restore and regenerate our land.