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June 29, 2021
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Using Science To Shape Strategy

By Ben Shreeves
A review of the Economic, Ethical and Environmental issues facing the dairy industry - FAI Farms

FAI are providing Barry Callebaut and Ferrero with the know-how to ensure their dairy sustainability programmes are underpinned by the latest scientific research.

Any large multinational food company that is serious about driving positive change in its supply chain needs to create a sustainability strategy that is both focussed and action orientated. But with the multitude of sustainability issues that need addressing it can be very challenging for companies to decide which are the most important issues to focus on.

FAI has partnered with Barry Callebaut and Ferrero to provide an annual update on what the science is telling them about where their focus should be. Both companies are committed to ensuring their dairy sustainability programmes continue to be informed and shaped by the latest science and evidence, so each year:

FAI carries out a comprehensive review of the 100s of scientific papers published in the area of dairy sustainability; and
FAI compiles this extensive and detailed information into a bite-sized and actionable report and presentation, divided in to the areas of Ethics, Environment and Economics.

This means that both Barry Callebaut and Ferrero are aware of what the science is saying, can use that knowledge to focus their dairy sustainability strategies in the right areas. By seeking out the emerging sustainability challenges in the sector, FAI is also helping to ensure our clients are equipped to deal with any emerging risks and opportunities that could potentially be business critical in the future.

Stefano Severi, Head of Raw Materials Responsible Sourcing at Ferrero said, “Ferrero considers animal welfare an important principle of its social responsibility. We have partnered with FAI for a number of years and really value FAI’s ability to translate the latest scientific research and best practice into tailored and practical strategies which can work for our business.

Oliver von Hagen, Director Global Ingredients Sustainability at Barry Callebaut said, “As part of our commitment to make sustainable chocolate the norm, we have partnered with FAI to set up our innovative VisionDairy program to address sustainability and drive positive impact in our global dairy supply chains. FAI’s expertise and ability to make the science digestible are invaluable in helping us ensure our VisionDairy programme is focussed on where we can make the most impact”.


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