SHRImp App

A Health and Productivity tool that supports collaboration between farmers.

New Tool, ancient culture.

Sharing information has been a paradigm among farmers all over the world in recent times, increasing our understanding of best practice and driving improvement.

Good farmers understand that sharing information among colleagues, community and consumers brings benefits to their own farm and the surrounding environment.


Creating clusters of collaboration that reduce risks, starting with disease risk management is key for securing higher productivity, better margin and lower costs by reducing mortality, morbidity and large expenditures on medicine. With a direct benefit to the animal, people and environment.

The SHRImp app supports the century old farming culture of comparing notes with close neighbours. It allows secure and confidential shrimp disease, production and harvest status for the benefit of all.

How it works

Submit your disease, production and harvest status confidential and receive the most relevant updated regional information back.

Start immediately receiving disease forecasts, production and harvest information. Get alerts on three key diseases: EHP, AHPND (EMS) and White spot disease.

More Information

Starting with SHRImp farmers in Thailand
and continuing with Tilapia on Brazil


The spear point of this framework in happening in Thailand and is being supported by global stakeholders ( interested on practical actions for a sustainable shrimp farming.


FAI team is leading global initiatives to transform this proved concept to other aquaculture sectors, such as Tilapia in Brazil, under the multi stakeholder Framework of the established Tilapia Welfare Project

If you are in Thailand, you can be part of the community. Please contact us here.

If you are in other regions of the world, and wants to start your community, FAI will be delighted to support you on this journey!

The project gave us powerful tools. It makes me feel safer to monitor the health of my shrimp. If I know they have White Spot disease, I will harvest, and if it's another disease that I can manage, I will keep the crop and take extra care of the shrimp

Shrimp farmer in Surat Thani