Soil Health - A National Security Priority?

Global warming, biodiversity loss, food and water – they are connected, above all else, by soil health.

Join our expert panel at the launch of a new report by the Food & Global Security Network.


Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, Former UK Climate and Energy Security Envoy

Chantal Wei-Ying Clément, Deputy Director, IPES Food, Brussels

Jimmy Woodrow, Executive Director, Pasture for Life, UK

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín, President, Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, USA

ffinlo Costain, CEO, Farmwel


We face two concurrent crises in nature: climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Both threaten the availability of food and water, endangering global supply chains. Human access to affordable nutrition and potable water are critical in maintaining peace and security.

"Soil health - a security threat profile" was published on Wednesday October 20th by the Food & Global Security Network. The report established soil health as a security priority for all nations and features articles by military, policy and farming experts from the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The Food & Global Security Network is a project of Farmwel, supported by FAI Farms - foodandsecurity.net

eLearning: Foundations of Regenerative Agriculture

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